Launching our 3D avatar collection: Pioneers 5555

The Pioneers is a collection of 5555 unique avatars built by Futures Factory in collaboration with dozens of footwear designers, 3D artists and fashion designers. Over 400 traits meticulously designed with reference to sneakers, fashion, sport, culture and many surprises ahead with the release of the Dynamic Pioneers.

Innovation & Tech
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The 5 Pioneers

Divided into 5 families, the Pioneers have a specific role in the ecosystem

The Architects are believed to be the original Pioneers. Shrouded in mystery, they are tasked with constructing new Cubes, each hosting a different environment to broaden the horizons of their world.

The Manufacturers. A blend of aesthetic and technical skill, the Manufacturers are crucial for the physical production of sneakers, translating designs into tangible footwear.

The Designers. As the creative minds, Designers conceptualize and design the sneakers of the future, infusing each pair with innovation and style.

The Athletes are performance-driven Pioneers, they rigorously test the technical capabilities of each sneaker, ensuring quality and functionality.

The Trailblazers include trendsetters, avant-garde and stylish people, they embrace the sneaker culture and understand all the codes of street and fashion.

Dynamic Capabilities

We're introducing dynamic capabilities for the Pioneers, turning our avatars into immersive, personal experiences and gateways to our brand and innovative footwear projects.

By rewarding active participation in developing the Pioneers, we aim to create a community of passionate and invested stakeholders. As Pioneers progress, they not only gain financial benefits and increased influence, but their evolution symbolizes their accomplishments.

AR, 3D, Virtual Environments

We empower our community to create captivating content with their Pioneers. 3D avatars offer a level of depth and realism that allows for richer, more immersive experiences.

Main Utilities


3D Files

We offer 3D files for download, encouraging our community to engage with 3D footwear design, modeling, and animation. The Pioneers will have usability across various platforms.


Commercial IP Rights

Pioneer owners enjoy full commercial IP rights - use, distribute, sell, transfer, and communicate with your Pioneer and its 3D files in any way and through any medium.


Co-Creation Opportunities

The Pioneers offer co-creation opportunities in sneakers, animations, AR, games, merch, and partnerships. Engage creatively as a community member.


Voting Rights

Be part of the governance of the Pioneers, exercising voting rights on curation, marketing initiatives, and funding for promising footwear projects. You're part of the club.


Benefits & IRL Events

We're participating in major IRL events and growing our global reach via the Pioneers community. Enjoy perks with partner retailers, fashion brands, and content creation softwares.

3D-Printed Sneakers

In collaboration with our manufacturing partner Zellerfeld, we will co-create and develop a 3D-printed sneaker collection with the Pioneers. Our platform will also distribute 3D-printed sneakers from the verified creators of our community.

Futures Factory

Futures Factory (the company behind the Pioneers collection) is building the leading web3 footwear platform that will empower creators and their fans to design the future of footwear.

We are a creator-first startup operating at the forefront of the sneakers culture and web3 founded in 2021.

With our network of +70 designers and brands, our ambition is to be the accelerator for the most promising footwear creators, backing them with finance, web3 infra and our community.

At the end of 2021, we raised +$2M with great investors (Voodoo, Seedcamp, Jimmy Choo's former CEO, Stride,) to accelerate our growth and platform development.

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