the future is printed.

Futures factory is a design studio specializing in footwear and 3D-printing.

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ahead of the curve.
We collaborate with diverse 3D-printing manufacturing partners, material suppliers and utilizing different technologies to lead in an emerging industry.
strong partnerships with creators, brands and industry leaders.
FROM IDEAS to reality
let’s print the future of fashion.
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Design & Conceptualization
From initial ideation, to 3D modeling and ready-to-wear 3D-Printed sneakers, clothes and accessories.
Materials & Production
Benefit from our expertise with innovative material suppliers and manufacturers to ensure seamless production and delivery.
Elevate your launch with visual content designed to capture and engage your audience. We craft engaging stories and dynamic short videos.
Faster Time to Market
Our process significantly reduces the time from design to final product, with a turnaround of 1-2 months.
We leverage tech to create great products and memorable experiences. It includes blockchain, augmented and mixed reality, and AI.
We are an experienced team driven by a passion for creative and technical challenges in fashion.
Our team is connected to footwear and fashion experts around the globe that assist us in executing projects.
supported by the vanguard.
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from design projects to collaborations, we want to learn more about your next big idea

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