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16kw Red

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Made entirely from recyclable 3D printed TPU, these shoes offer a blend of comfort and durability that's perfect for everyday wear. The innovative multi-density midsole ensures superior arch support while allowing your toes ample room to move, providing a natural and comfortable stride.
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About the creator

The genesis of 16kw emerged from the depths of personal adversity. A visionary designer, confronted with heartbreak and professional setbacks, embarked on a journey of reinvention. Out of this turbulence emerged a revolutionary dancing shoe, a symbol of resilience and liberation. Crafted meticulously from avant-garde materials, this sneaker, designed in Italy and born in USA, embodies the fusion of style and freedom. A testament to overcoming obstacles and stepping into a brighter tomorrow.16kw is an homage to the amount of energy spent to print the first prototype. We wanted to name the product after the brand to give importance to the story of its birth and development. This product is the son of a close collaboration between Koobz and the designer Fabrizio De Lucia from Affinity Space Design Studio.

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