Ilyas Darakchiev (ISDKV): Shaping the Future of Footwear with Augmented Reality

Ilyas Darakchiev (ISDKV): Shaping the Future of Footwear with Augmented Reality

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In the evolving landscape of footwear design, Ilyas Darakchiev, known as ISDKV, stands out as a beacon of innovation. His journey from transportation design to becoming a vanguard in the digital and augmented reality (AR) spaces within the footwear industry exemplifies the transformative power of technology in fashion. At Futures Factory, we are always eager to spotlight talents like ISDKV, whose work not only pushes the boundaries of conventional design but also aligns with our mission of pioneering new paths in footwear creation.

ISDKV inspiration comes from cars, brutalist architecture and gaming

From Transportation to Digital Footwear Mastery

Initially drawn to the dynamism of transportation design, ISDKV’s career took a pivotal turn towards footwear, where he has since applied his keen sense of motion and aesthetics. “Cars and shoes share a common goal: to evoke the sensation of movement, even at a standstill,” Ilyas explains, drawing parallels between the two fields. This philosophy underpins his approach to sneaker design, where each creation is imbued with a sense of kinetic energy and sculptural beauty.

Harnessing Rhino and Blender for Footwear Design

ISDKV’s toolkit includes industry-leading software like Rhino for 3D modeling and Blender for texturizing and finalizing designs. This combination allows for an extraordinary level of detail and precision, essential in crafting footwear that breaks molds. His commitment to self-education and mastery of these tools showcases the potential for self-taught designers to leave a significant mark on the industry.

Augmented Reality: A New Frontier for Footwear

One of ISDKV’s most notable contributions to footwear design is his pioneering use of augmented reality. By utilizing platforms like Snapchat Lens Studio, he brings his digital designs into the physical world, offering a glimpse into the future of fashion where digital and physical realms merge seamlessly. This innovative approach not only enhances the way we perceive and interact with footwear design but also opens up new avenues for sustainable fashion practices by minimizing the need for physical prototypes.

AR footwear concept - "ISDKV Record" :: Behance
AR sneakers by ISDKV

Our role at FF

At Futures Factory, we recognize the importance of embracing new technologies and innovative design methodologies. ISDKV’s journey from transportation design to becoming a trailblazer in digital footwear and AR is a testament to the limitless possibilities within the realm of footwear design. This is why we collaborated with ISDKV for our first drop in 2022, the Tetrapods.

Tetrapods by ISDKV with Futures Factory

We are dedicated to supporting designers like ISDKV, providing a platform where creativity meets technology, leading to the creation of groundbreaking footwear designs both digital and physical.

We invite designers, technologists, and innovators to join us in forging the future of footwear. Whether you have a footwear design project, a question about the intersection of design and technology, or a proposal for partnership, Futures Factory is your collaborator in bringing visionary ideas to life.

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